ANTI-Explosion BALI proof light ATEX

629,20834,90 IVA incluido

With Atex certificate, our BALI proof light anti-explosion LED lamp can be used in environments with explosive risk and explosive chemical materials. Specially designed controllers are used to ensure security in environments where it is required.

Each LED luminaire has a cover with a cable gland and Two optional cable glands.

These led lights can be opened very easily.

With a 3×2.5mm2 pitch cable, they can be connected in series.

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Our LED light uses Bridgelux brand LED chips and specially designed LIFUD high-quality power supply to ensure safety and long service life. With 120lm/w high efficiency, our 40w can replace a traditional 120w fixture. 5 years warranty.

The Bali anti-explosion led luminaire can be perfectly applied to all types of industries and especially to oil fields.

  • Oil refineries and offshore platforms
  • Gas stations
  • Energy plants
  • Fuel tanks
  • Underground stations
  • Cereal storage buildings (silos)
  • Ports and docks
  • Mines and tunnels
  • Military bases etc.

40W, 60W

Color temperature



4.800Lm, 7.200Lm

LED & Driver


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