LED Amsterdam High Bay, 150Lm/W, Optional Sensor

199,65435,60 IVA incluido

Amsterdam LED industrial high bay has plug-in sensor and different function options, such as PIR sensor, microwave sensor, Zigbee+ sensor, etc., our UFO Amsterdam series LED high bay is the ideal solution for cost saving and more choice for user. final. Not only does it reduce the cost of purchase, but it also increases the competitive advantage of customers with extra savings thanks to the possibility of installing sensors.

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Every day more lighting products that save energy are needed. And customers are now paying more attention to long-term cost savings. Not only higher brightness is the key, but also smart control will save more power automatically.

Our LED Amsterdam UFO High Bay is the ideal solution to meet customer needs. The 150 lm/w brightness will save half the energy of other conventional hoods, and also the plug-in sensor option will save 40%-60% energy.

Easy = Money Saving

Compared with conventional sensor and zigbee control, our light is more user-friendly, more flexible and easy to install. This not only reduces the cost of the luminaire, but also facilitates long-term savings.

Reprogrammable with remote control. The LED UFO Amsterdam is reprogrammable thanks to the available remote control option. To make it as easy as changing the channel on the television.


100W, 150W, 200W

Beam angle

90º, 120º


15.000Lm, 22.500Lm, 30.000Lm

LED & Driver


Color temperature

4000ºK, 5000ºK


Do not add, Micro wave Sensor, Not available for this model, PIR Sensor

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