LED High Bay HAMBURGO Anti Glaring 160LM/W

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The Hamburg LED High Bay is designed for work or sports spaces in which glare plays an important role, either because the luminaires are not installed high enough or to avoid glare.

With this Led High Bay, greater performance of the staff and better quality of their work is achieved.

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The Hamburg LED High Bay is made with 4000ºK Cree LED Chip and Osram Driver.

Anti-glare light is required more and more and for applications where people are not comfortable with glare light, especially when the light is not very high.
The LED Hamburg High Bay is the ideal solution for visual protection. this increases staff performance and the quality of their work.

Advanced UGR technology.

This LED lamp has been specially developed to minimize glare and maximize homogeneity. With an anti-glare film on the lens and a shield on the front, we managed to achieve UGR <19.

IP65-IK10 protections

With the highest level of IK10 protection, this LED lamp is highly resistant to impacts and balls.
In addition, with the IP65 protection, they guarantee that the Hamburg LED lamp is ideal for lighting sports fields and areas with a high concentration of dust.

With the ceiling installation accessory equipped with power cable, the two suspension points on the ceiling can be combined for one point installation. This saves installation time and costs. And even vibrations and air movements can no longer twist it.

Knowing all these benefits of the Hamburg lamp, it is easy to discern which lamp is suitable for all types of applications.

Lumens according to powers:

120W: 19,200Lm
200W: 32,000Lm


120W, 200W

Beam angle


LED & Driver



19.200Lm, 32.000Lm

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