96,80330,09 IVA incluido

The Atlanta LED Panel is manufactured with an optical system LED to achieve superior performance, high uniformity, excellent efficiency and reduced glare. Since it has no LGP inside, it won’t yellow even after years of running.

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This LED luminaire includes a special Kerafyrm diffuser plate. Used on the surface to lower the UGR to less than 19. Not only is the ugr perfect for offices, showrooms, etc, but also the uniformity of light is ideal. With a high dissipation system, our LED panel will have a higher performance even over the years.

  • UGR diffuser sheet with concave hexagon, conical bottom, has a homogeneous appearance thanks to its unidirectional structure.
  • Male DC connector Easy connection to the female DC connector of the LED driver.
  • Light diffuser The light is soft and even.
  • Electronic cable Resistant to high and low temperatures copper and silicone wire.
  • Seamless welded aluminum frame, strong and attractive appearance.
  • Printed circuit board With heat-conducting tails on the back, wider and cooler than those of other LED panel models.
  • Optical Lenses Wide beam angle PMMA lenses are used for superior performance and uniformity.
  • Rear cover (iron) Integral tensioning, seamless, with aesthetic patterns and internally laminated by a reflective film (PET) large surface for heat radiation.

40W, 80W

Color temperature

3000ºK, 4000ºK, 5000ºK, 6000ºK


12×30, 60×60, 120×60

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