Waterproof LED Screen BUDAPEST

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With Budapest waterproof LED light we can help our customer reduce labor cost during installation, the end cap of this LED luminaire is specially designed with screwless locking buckles at each end, it can be opened very easily for that the installer can rewire into the terminal inside the housing. Cables from 3×1.5mm2, 3×2.5mm2 to 5×1.5mm2 and 5×2.5mm2 will be valid.

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Our LED display adopts a UV-resistant and anti-yellowing PC shell. Aluminum heat sink inside with better heat dissipation and lumen performance. Made with Bridgelux LED with a performance of 130lm/W.

With four options available, you can have a waterproof LED screen light with a 3×1.5mm2 connection that can be linked with the following luminaire, another option with a 3×1.5mm2 connection and adjustable power between 40w and 60w. Another option for 5×2.5mm2 linkable with the following luminaires.

  • Inner terminal. 3 core or 5 core terminal is available to be rewired inside easily.
  • DIP switch. The DIP switch at each end of the cap can be used to adjust the power or color temperature.
  • Linkable PG connector. In Series The PG connector on each cap can be expanded to 2 pieces for easy connection.
  • Through cable. Wires 3×1.5mm2 / 3×2.5mm2 / 5×1.5mm2 / 5×2.5mm2 are available to be linked in series.

All variations of the Budapest Waterproof LED screen are manufactured with high quality Bridgelux LED Chip.

Lumens according to power:

30W: 4,200Lm
40W: 5,600Lm
45W: 6,300Lm
60W: 8,400Lm


30W, 40W, 45W, 60W

LED & Driver



4.200Lm, 5.600Lm, 6.300Lm, 8.400Lm

Color temperature

4000ºK, 5000ºK

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